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A motivational multi-media assembly presentation for grades 7-12
You hear it over and over again: “You are the future”, or, “Think about
your future!” Those are extremely important things to keep in mind, but
we are living in the present, and the best thing we can do for our future is
to step up and take on challenges that we share here and now.
Students will be challenged by:
Jacy Good, who struggles with disabilities after losing lost her parents at the hands of
a distracted driver who hit them all on the day of her graduation.
Ryan Warneke, who chooses to be an inspiring warrior against cystic fibrosis rather
than a passive victim.
Amy Walker, who as a child was told she would never walk and is deaf and blind in
one eye, yet became a gymnast on the number one team in the NCAA.
Young basketball players who stop play to take a stand against bullying by an
opposing fan who is mocking a very special cheerleader.

Music, sports and movie clips are woven together
with these and other stories to inform and inspire,
delivering a high impact experience!



Our three screens create an 11’ x 43’ video wall!

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